Chair Massage

At Stress Busters Ireland we have created a massage based stress management program which can be adapted to your office or work site. The onsite chair massage takes about 15-30 minutes, (no more than a coffee break but far more relaxing and effective!)

Our massage technique is performed in normal work attire and requires no oils. Instead of using a table, the massage takes place in a specially designed, portable massage chair that your Stress Busters therapist brings to your workplace or company event.

Just lean forward in the chair and allow yourself to relax completely, with your head resting comfortably in the face cradle and enjoy the massage. The massage focuses on the upper body areas that often cause problems for people who sit at a desk or use a computer.

The therapist can help you prevent or relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, tension headaches, neck pain and back problems.

Stress Busters therapists are trained to give a massage that is perfect for the work place, relaxing and very refreshing. You and your team will feel invigorated and ready to be productive!!