Colm Dalton

Stress busters has been established since 2002. It was founded by Colm Dalton, a holistic therapist qualified in many different therapies. Colm noticed while working in his sports clinic, an increasing number of people suffering with stress related injuries. These were mainly concentrated in the upper back, neck and shoulders.

He then developed a special type of massage which combined many different techniques to produce a unique type of treatment that can work well through the clothes in a specially designed chair. It can target the main stress areas and tension spots. This is a massage based treatment which can take as little as 15-30 minutes and the effects are insurmountable.

Since then Colm and his team have traveled countrywide lecturing at holistic fares and exhibiting this new technique in the fight to reduce stress. With the success of these fares he was inspired to set up the company known as Stress Busters Ireland!

Stress Busters have worked with companies on corporate events to reduce stress related sickness and promote well being.

They are also involved in the mind room at Spirit night club, Abbey Street, Dublin since 2002 with phenomenal success. This revolutionary idea has come up with nothing but praise both from patrons and the media alike since it was established.

As market leaders our aim is to continue to help people to reduce stress in their lives and improve public awareness on how to reduce stress for themselves.

Colm Dalton…