The future is clear with Stress Busters.

We have a lot of experience with exhibitions and corporate events. We provide many different and fun therapies which are guaranteed to be the high light of any event. These include:

  • On-site Chair Massage,
  • Indian head massage,
  • Reflexology,
  • Aura Photography,
  • Tarot Cards,
  • Temporary air brush tattoo’s.

The Aura Photography:
The Aura is a mirror to the soul and with the latest photographic technology you can now see it for your self. Each colour contains a different message to help you on your path through life. During each reading I can indicate what stage you are at in life. The aura can reflect mood, characteristics & what sort of energies are around you and how best to take advantage of them. A Polaroid image of your aura and card containing the meanings of the colours are given at the end of every reading.

Tarot card readings:
Tarot cards are a tool for gaining insight into the mind, in cases where normal introspection is blocked by repression and self-censorship mechanisms. A reading can cover past, present, future, career, family and relationships (both platonic & romantic). The tarot can help close the past and unlock a better future.

Temporary air brush tattoo’s:
Choose from a large range of designs and colours. They dry in seconds and lasts up to five days.